6th ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE “INTEGRATION PSYCHOLOGY AND ART PEDAGOGICS IN A MULTIETHNIC REGION” . March 23-25, 2011. Institute of Arts of Adyghe State University, 385000, Maikop, Pervomayskaya Str., 208,  Russia 


The official language of the conference is Russian (English).


The Institute of Arts of Adyghe State University invites you to the 6th Annual International Scientific Conference “Integration Psychology and Art Pedagogy in a Multiethnic Region”.


Subjects of the Conference:


1. Integration of sciences in studying phenomena of art.


2. Integration and disintegration in art, science and art education.


3. The person as a many-sided whole in art, science and art education.


4. Interaction of international and national in culture and art.


5. Interconfessional relations and preservation of ethnic identity in culture and art;


6. Interaction of traditions and innovations in modernization of system of art education.

Reports are planned to be 20 minutes long, discussions, 5 minutes long.The collection of papers will be published.


In order to take part in the conference it is necessary to send application forms and papers before March, 1st, 2011 to the electronic address artnauka2009@yandex.ru to the scientific secretary of the conference Mozgot Svetlana (the file should be called by surname of the author); ph.: 8(8772) 593-820; mob.: 8-906-438-45-06.  


Requirements to the publication:

1. Materials should be sent in electronic form WORD (1998-2003, XP). Page parameters: margins - 2 cm. Font Times New Roman, 14 size, through 1 line spacing, no more than 6 pages.


2. The paper is opened by the initials and surname of the author (fat, italics, on the right). The title of the paper is leveled by the center, in capital fat letters. The basic text should not contain graphs, figures, tables, fat text and underlining.


3. References are put at the end of the paper, in alphabetic order under heading “Literature”. In the text the reference is made out at the end of the sentence in square brackets, the first figure points to a book number in the list of references (in “Literature”), the second (italics) – to page in this book. Automatic footnotes are inadmissible.


The Organizing Committee reserves the right not to publish the materials which do not correspond to subjects of the conference and to publication requirements. Editing of texts is provided. Registration fee, 20 Euro, should be sent to the scientific secretary after the author receives the notice from the Organizing Committee that the paper is accepted to the publication.

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