As part of the Federal Agreement from November, 10, 2010 "Cooperation between the Federal Agency for the Affairs of Compatriots Living Abroad and International Humanitarian Cooperation and the Republic of Adygea" the Adyghe State University got a quota for training students among the compatriots living abroad, on the federal budget and announces admission for the preparatory department of the international faculty.

Documents should be submitted before August 14, 2012, to the Adyghe State University, Maykop. Documents could be received by fax and by email. List of required documents for admission, the specializations list of ASU and entrance requirements are attached below.

Students will get an accommodation in the hostel. During the study year the advanced students will get an academic scholarship.
Further studies on a budgetary basis, after the graduation of the preparatory courses of the International department, can only be at Adyghe State University in the field the applicant had chosen in the application form.
E-mail: tel/fax: +7 (8772)52-13-88

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