The European Commission TEMPUS program - IV


 The working meeting of participants of the project «Bachelor Degree Educational Program in a Direction «Social work» has begun on the 16th of March. The program of a 2-day meeting consists of the module 16 – the Integrating module (the Microsocial environment), the module 17 – Social management and the module 19 – Final qualifying work.

Peter Knyozel took part in project work (The Higher School of Potsdam), A.Vyborov – the director of Moscow branch BBJ Consult AG (Germany), representatives of the Moscow State Regional University (МГОУ): A. Bulgakov – the dean of faculty of psychology, M. Firsov – managing chair of social work and social pedagogic, V. Smorchkova, E. Studenova, representatives of Academy of Social Formation, Kazan: I. Muhametzjanov – rector of АСО, T. Zhuravleva – managing chair of social work, T. Nikitina – the senior teacher, G. Shajhutdinova – the teacher, and also teachers of Adyghe State University and visitors from Krasnodar.


In 2010, the first time in the ASU will be a set group of students for training bachelors in social work.

This group is one of three in Russia, which will be trained in a special experimental technique developed in the framework of the winning project of the European Commission TEMPUS program - IV (2008). This project is supported by the EU.

The curriculum, content of the classes are based on the compilation of best practices of European and Russian universities, representatives of which now participate in the meeting of the working session.


The course is based on modern educational methods that provide development-oriented education, empowerment of student mobility, enhancing their chances on the labor market.

The course "Social Work" has the following advantages: modular structure of the education system ECTS (credits), the curriculum to focus on practical results and professional competence, innovative monitoring the quality of education, distance learning, methodical support of the curriculum development of the European level.

Bachelor of Social Work will be employed in the following professional organizations: public service employment, public service medical and social expertise; Migration Service, Ministry of Emergency Situations, the prison system, power structures, the health system, cultural system, education system, pension system, the system of social services; social insurance system, the system of social protection.


Reception of documents and applications being received from 20 June to 25 July (inclusive), the application for admission accompanied by the following documents:

1. paper on secondary education;

2. six photographs (3x4 cm);

3. passport (presented in person) and its photocopy;

4. originals or duly certified copy of the certificate of the results of USE for 2008 or 2009.

Entrance tests for the direction of "Social Work" (Bachelor of Social Work):

1. Russian (EGE);

2. Social Studies (EGE);

3. History (EGE)