September 2009

We congratulate winners!

Are summed up the open competitions declared within the limits of the federal target program «Scientific and scientific and pedagogical shots». The purpose of these competitions revealing and support of talented young researchers, assistance to professional growth of scientific youth, encouragement of creative activity of young scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences, other establishments, the organizations of Russia and students of higher educational institutions of Russia in carrying out of scientific researches.

Day of knowledge

The Adyghe State University opens its doors for freshmen.

More than two new entrants can be considered as students because they have already received the main document – the student's card.

We hope training at our University will bring them not only strong knowledge, but also joyful, disturbing emotions, which newcomers could already had today during the solemn ruler devoted to the Day of knowledge.

The chancellor of ASU R.D.Hunagov, mayor of Maikop M.N.Chernichenko, deans of faculties have congratulated first-year students.

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